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Your own website is much closer than you think. A strong website design presence tells your clients and customers that you are a leader in your field, that you really mean business!

We offer a range of website design packages and prices that are sure to meet your personal or professional needs.

Please note that Sunrise Technical Solutions is not a web hosting service, and the fees cited below do not include the ongoing Website hosting fees.

Our company will be happy to refer to you a user-friendly company that specializes in web hosting with reliable service and good prices.

Expect to pay between $10 to $120 dollars monthly, depending on your sites requirements, with a one time set up fee of $45-$120 dollars.

Also not that the fees cited below do not include domain registration fees.

This runs approximately $90 dollars for two years of having your site name registered to you.

Please contact us at no extra charge to assist you in finding the best possible prices for yor website design and services for these registration processes.

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